Olivae Olive Estate has a professionally designed and developed olive factory on the farm in which we cure all of our table olives. We have approximately 15 full time employees in the factory who leads all the industrial processes involved in producing all of Olivae's fine olive products.

Olivae's olive factory has the capacity to store and cure approximately 800 tons of olives a year. Olivae's factory takes great pride in our high quality equipment, our professional production systems, and our ethical standards. The entire factory, excluding our offices, is 1575 square metres big.

Olivae Olive Estate has a great variety of products produced and distributed under our own Marketing Name, "Olivae." A team of 30 permanent staff work all year to ensure that all our olives are cured for anything from four months to almost a year through the authentic, non-chemical cold process. Olivae focuses primarily on producing and distributing table olives, however we also produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as well as various secondary products such as coffee, wine, and chocolates.

Whether we're packaging our award-winning green olives that left the tree earlier than their ripened, black counterparts, our processes are designed to result in top-quality natural products. Olivae's table olives are distributed to several restaurants and food manufactures across Southern Africa by means of independent food distributors. Most of our products can be tasted and bought at our deli.